Pelosi Ain’t No Comic

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has, for some reason, felt it necessary to come out with an anti-Stephen Colbert video. I get it that Democrats, whom Pelosi leads, are reintroducing the Disclose Act, which failed once at getting PAC money out of politics. Now the dems need some buzz and what better way at getting some cheap buzz than by trying to draft on Colbert’s attention getting South Carolina primary commercial.

So here is an ‘F’ for originality.  The other ‘F’ Pelosi is missing is FUNNY.  Colbert’s commercial is priceless because it is funny by being over the top in dealing with a serious subject matter.  The dems created a milk toast production poking fun at no one, unless you think saying someone does not like cats is cutting edge comedy!

Nancy, stick to speakering and avoid stand-up at all costs!

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4 thoughts on “Pelosi Ain’t No Comic

    1. I am saying that politicans and comedy don’t mix. It is not too smart to attempt to advance a political issue with your comedic skills, of which 99% of elected officials have none. Especially when it comes to being on the tube!

      1. Fair enough, although you obviously point to what they’re doing by talking about them drafting behind Colbert. If they want to push the issue, this is the way to do it, although sure, none of them is going to join Colbert’s writing staff any time soon.

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