The View From Across The Border

Occasionally life gives us unexpected eye opening moments. Like many of you, I have been beaten down and dulled by the lunacy surrounding our national immigration debate. A dog chasing it’s tail can only provide so much entertainment. Recently, I was asked to speak to a group of people learning to speak English. These were all people who are immigrants.
I really enjoyed talking with your class today. I found them to be inspirational people for the risk they are willing to take and the bravery they exhibit to make a life in this country. Their view of the United States is amazing and is a perspective I wish more native born Americans could see and appreciate.
They are special people.
Thank You for the opportunity!
What struck me was their appreciation to be in this country and their drive to create a life here. I spoke with each of the 15 people in the room. All were working toward a career goal. These are individuals who left all they know to come to a country where they don’t speak the language and yet are able to say to themselves, ‘I will excel.’ They believe in the American dream. I could feel the ‘Yes I Can’ vibe strongly bouncing off the walls of the room.
I really wish that people born here could experience what I did that morning. It was a reaffirmation that despite our challenges, we are a pretty good place to be. We have opportunities so attractive that our magnetic field still wraps the globe pulling in people for all the right reasons. If nothing else, the opportunity for opportunity is pretty special.
This contrasts with the often stated view that foreigners come here, legally and illegally, to take from those already here. In fact they are here to give their labor, their skills and their minds for the benefit of us all.
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