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Punch A Hole Drink Faster

I have been making fun of the new ‘punch a hole’ feature on Miller Lite beer cans.  My view was why would anyone buy this beer based on this product ‘benefit’?  Much like Coors turn blue because its cold label, this thing struck me as useless.

How wrong I am.  In a sign that I have lost touch with popular culture, the Punch A Hole  can feature accommodates a drinking style called ‘shotgunning’.  Basically, it allows you to drink your beer so fast,  you are unable to taste it.  Definitely a benefit to the consumer faced with only Miller Lite cans in the cooler.

Before labeling me a beer snob, let me publicly declare, I like Miller High Life.  Really.  Miller Lite is another story.  Miller’s new can raises questions about corporate responsibility.  We live in a society where binge drinking is an issue.  Do we really need to publicize a product that makes this easier?  Has the message changed from taste great, less filling to blotto in sixty-seconds?

Miller really needs to do the right thing and get back to concentrating on trying to get a decent tasting lite beer.

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