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It seems we are not only watching yet another republican ‘front-runner’ fade, we are also seeing him hang a sharp right, dragging the party off a cliff.   Rick Santorum is intent in making his name by carving out stands on various cultural issues.  The Catholic religion, birth control, gay marriage, health insurance,  chocolate in your peanut butter and peanut butter in your chocolate.  Nothing escapes the purview of the Wizard of Santy.  Agree or not, you have to wonder what would he do as  President Santorum?  This doubt is reinforced by the candidate’s higher education statements on Meet The Press.

The Wizard of Santy

‘What does that mean senator?’ asks moderator David Gregory. What it means is nothing is too unbelievable to throw out there and turn into a cultural issue. As Gregory correctly points out, higher education has a direct correlation to being employed.  The ‘thinking’ being thrown out from behind the curtain is a college education is just a period of liberal indoctrination.

If that is true, then someone please explain the existence of the GOP ?   Either there are no college educated people in the party or the Wiz is wrong.  To his point, without a doubt manufacturing is important, but guess what, the good paying jobs are in precision manufacturing, where a college degree gets you in the door!

The fact is that if the party were to nominate him, Santorum has made himself a guaranteed general election loser.  While  cultivating a ‘cultural war’ type theme, he  has taken the air out of the Republican’s balloon.  Just look at Mitt Romney’s favorability ratings!  Romney is in Newt Gingrich territory, not a place to be if want to win the big chair.  Divisiveness divides and the GOP can’t afford to peel off a single independent vote if they are to win in the  fall.  The craziness has got to stop.

Oddly enough it is Bill Clinton who has the answer, ‘It’s the economy, stupid!’

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