The Trashing of My Street

I am  writing in the hope of stopping the ‘Trashing of My Street’. Over the course of the last year our street has been the subject of an unrelenting stream of litter. Judging by what my wife and I find along My Street, people feel very comfortable tossing trash out their car window when passing through our area. We regularly pick-up at least two trash bags worth of refuse on both sides of the street once or twice a month.


One constant is our collection of half-filled water bottles stuffed with cigarette butts. Just this week we picked-up 30 of these bottles. This number is not uncommon. As soon as we clean the area, the repopulation of these brown water filled bottles immediately begins anew. We find these bottles washed into the woods and into streams running off the road. The hard rains pushing this plastic into nearby wetlands. This seemingly one person waste wave has got to stop!

I regularly see neighbors along My  Street picking up trash. After living in another town and a city, I have never experienced a level of litter anywhere near to what is going on here in town. The lack of respect for the environment and people living here is stunning. This respect needs to extend not just to our town, but to wherever we travel.

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