Gone Nitro

The commercials did their work.  I walked into my neighborhood liquor store and picked up some Sam Adams Nitro.  I pulled out two four-packs from the cooler.  I choose the Nitro Coffee Stout and the Nitro IPA.


The cans tell you to ‘Pop and Pour’ and ‘Enjoy From A Glass’.  First up was the stout, which says it has coffee added.  Pull the tab and hear the rush of the nitrogen escaping from the can.  The gas is there to make the beer ‘smooth’. The stout has a good taste and is smooth indeed.  Great coffee notes.  The beer reminds me of Guinness, both in taste and texture.  The lacing is quite impressive.


The IPA  has citrus flavor and like the stout has a great head and lacing. They both put on quite a show after the pour.

Neither beer left me wanting more.  Both the Sam Adams Cold Snap and Harpoon Longthaw that are sitting in my refrigerator scream from another.  Nitro’s big problem is that I payed $2.70 per can for a four-pack of 15 ounce cans.  I wonder if the lost ounce is due to the ‘widget’ that releases the gas when you crack open the can.

Beer is about taste. Premium price based upon the gas in the can is awfully gimmicky.  I know, its about texture, but that is secondary when it comes to enjoying a brew.  Give me the beers above or a Sam’s Boston Lager or Black Lager.  Lets hope Nitro doesn’t mark the beginning of the marketing department taking over the brewing at Sam Adams.

I must acknowledge Berkshire Brewing’s mastery of the gas when it comes to gimmickery!

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