Serious Funny

Often times it seems our political system is pretty sad. Candidates who are uninspiring, a primary process that misses the concerns of the masses (jobs, jobs  & jobs) and a tsunami of money polluting and killing the process. It restores my faith in mankind when a comedian has the spheroids to bring clarity to it all!  This is an ad actually running in advance of the South Carolina primary.

Steve Colbert, I am with you!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!   Like the lantern in Boston’s Old North Church you are a beacon to patriots everywhere.  Dare  I say, “Three if by Colbert Nation!”

Published by kevin lynn

Interested in business leadership and execution. I am a former radio talk host, news bureau chief and air personality who continues to follow the media and the world issues in general. Whatever grabs my attention I will be blogging about it.

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