New Low For Local TV News

I guess you would call this a new low for those producing local television news, either that or the comedy segment is the latest news trend showing up on our screens.  Here is the deal, an Akron, Ohio television station, WOIO, is portraying the courtroom proceedings of a local corruption trial using puppets….yes puppets.  So much for that journalism degree.  Who knew puppetry would be the entre into TV news.

Look, I am not against the typical ‘kicker’ story which is used to end the newscast on a humorous note.  Hey, after stories involving three murders, two car fatals, elderly abuse, unending unemployment and the skyrocketing cost of living, we all need a laugh.  This is about a government corruption trial, serious stuff that needs to be treated as such.  If media handles its subject matter in this way it is no wonder they are held in such low regard by the public.

This also makes me wonder how long it will be before the reporters and anchors are replaced by puppets.

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