Success Perverted

The nation’s political mess has spilled over to what normally would be considered good news.  America’s auto industry is on the rebound.  General Motors and Chrysler received taxpayer money as part of an effort to keep our workers in good paying jobs.  The bailout seems to have worked with both companies doing well.  Chrysler decided to trumpet its comeback along with hard hit Detroit in a Super Bowl commercial featuring Clint Eastwood.  Now the political spin meisters are trying to make hay.

There are people from both sides of the political spectrum.  Everything is subject to political twisting, from Karl Rove to David Axelrod ,  implicitly they say this is not about American unity, it is about zinging the other side.  While not for it I am glad the bailout worked and Americans are working.

The Chrysler message is one of American resilience.  A comeback that is benefiting one of the most economically devastated areas of the country which has spread across the country.   There is something wrong when we can’t appreciate a message that we are all in this together,  that we need each other to succeed and confidence in the future will lead the way.

Unfortunately, the political establishment prefers to tear us apart rather than build us up.

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