Kill The Blackout

Why didn’t I think of this line of reasoning?  The National Football League currently has a policy of blocking the local broadcast of their games if the stadium is not sold out.  The NFL also has a well established practice, dare I say policy, of looking to the taxpayer to fund new stadiums in which to play their games.  It would seem that a league that is able to exist through the largess of public cash, should be able to be viewed by that very same public.

Now a group of fans is asking the Federal Communications Commission to repeal the blackout rule.  I hope they succeed, but the NFL has reportedly spent over a million-dollars lobbying.  We all know he who provides the cash wins.

Published by kevin lynn

Interested in business leadership and execution. I am a former radio talk host, news bureau chief and air personality who continues to follow the media and the world issues in general. Whatever grabs my attention I will be blogging about it.

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