Willing To Pay For Satellite Radio?

A  year ago I puchased a new Ford that came with a trial subscription of  Sirius Satellite Radio.  I liked it.  When the free ride came to an end I could not justify $13 per month cost.  Call after call followed from Sirius wanting me to re-up.  Magically the monthly rate declined the longer I refused.  Eventually getting to about half the original price, so I renewed.

I love the variety of programming, but face it, this is a nice to have.  Now comes word that Sirius is looking to increase its monthly rate at a time when it reportedly is facing a slowing new subscription rate and the rise of internet streaming to car audio systems.  If I have Pandora, do I need Sirius?

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  1. Was nothing learned from the Netflix marketing blunder? My 9 year old could have predicted that outcome

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