Joking Their Way To Victory

Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry’s response to this week’s debate brain freeze is to joke his way out of it.  Perry’s memory loss certainly was uncomfortable to watch.

His efforts at damage control were not much better.  Recently national politicians have sought to use late night talk shows as a way to soften their image and seem like regular guys and gals.  Perry opted for David Letterman’s show to make light of the situation and hopefully as they say in public relations ‘get ahead of the issue’.  That is acknowledge it and move on. Hopefully minimizing it to one or two news cycles. Did he do it?

He looks uncomfortable to me.  They are a couple of funny lines in Perry’s Top 10 list, but he does not really seem at ease.  Top it off with the fact that Letterman doesn’t  look at him at the end of the skit.  What does the body language say here?  To me it is Letterman saying thanks Governor, you’ve used me now get out.  Seems the joke is on Perry.

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