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I Blanked My Pants!

We are either losing our sense of humor or just looking for controversy for the sake of controversy.  Either way Kmart’s  new online ad is getting a lot of attention.

Granted the use of  ‘shipped’ as double entendre is an attention getter.  It is clearly funny, at least to me and therein is the issue.  Society has changed, how we speak  to each other has evolved.  As a society we are far more honest about things we say  in what  is considered ‘polite conversation’. Look at the media reaction to the video.

I Shipped My Bed!

Seems rather  hypocritical considering I am forced to watch a never-ending stream of Viagra and Cialis commercials during the CBS Evening News.  There are enough erectile dysfunction commercials to indicate a public health emergency that would justify it as the lead story on every newscast.  Not to mention the Depends ads for those in the network TV audience who are literally shitting their pants.  Is the Kmart commercial effective, who knows.  It did  raise the retailer in the consciousness of shoppers. The bottom line,  it was a masterful use of humor as part of a social media strategy and for that we thank you.

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