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The media circus surrounding Denver Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow had its tents fall in the team’s second play-off game. The New England Patriots destroyed Denver both offensively and defensively leaving ‘Tebow Magic’ crumpled and lusterless on the sideline. As a Patriots fan I loved it. As a sports fan I continue to wonder about the genesis of the hoopla?

All week prior to the game on sports talk radio, I heard exorbitant praise and condemnation of the rookie QB. People have either compared him to Joe Montana or a crusader. According the them he is either a great talent or has God on his side. Neither is the case. None of this is of his making. The fact is took his team to the play-offs in his first season without the benefit of the a real training camp. I would consider that a successful first season.

It concerns me when the public ascribes role model status to athletes. It is even more distressing when religious significance is given to what happens on a football field. Is this a sign we are bankrupt of real role models or is organized religion really tanking and a football player who exhibits a deference to a higher power is someone who can be followed to the promised land?

Whatever the case, the person I feel sorry for is Tim Tebow. He has a tough enough task ahead in continuing his development into a complete NFL quarterback. I think far more non-football related pressure is being placed on his shoulders than he deserves. The Broncos need a more diversified offense, read passing game, to get to the next level. Delivering that will be Tebow’s off-season goal. Hopefully the needless distractions will not impede his progress. Otherwise, he will be a victim of his own success and there will be no magic in that.

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