The Universe Created Car Sales People

It is fall and I no longer have an excuse for not blogging.  Summer is a singular drain on my inspiration.  I simply want to be outside.  Since the leaves are beginning to turn I better get back at it.

While online I often click on things of no particular interest just to see where they lead.  I came across a video which made me laugh, got me thinking and inspired me.  The term car salesman is most often used a pejorative, usually preceded by the word ‘used’.  If you bought a few cars in your lifetime you have likely come across bad salespeople and hopefully good salespeople.  I would argue the ratio of good to bad salespeople in the car biz is about the same as in most sales driven industries.

The good really stand out.  Once we were buying a Honda Accord for my wife and we were dealing with a particularly strong salesman.  When he was in the vehicle explaining its operation to my wife,  I leaned into the open driver’s side window and asked him what car he drove.  Without hesitating he looked me in the eye and said, ‘I don’t drive a car, I drive a Cadillac.’  Years later, even as I write this,  I laugh and respect him for his honesty and yes we bought the car.

Years later,  we bought two cars in relatively short order from a Ford dealer with a  salesman whose background was in manufacturing.  He saw the future of factory work as unstable and wanted to make a good living.  He understood what  customers were looking for and made the process easy.  Almost none of the, ‘Gotta see the sales manager.’ rigmarole.  The lack of hassle was so  amazing on the first car,  I went back for the second.  The fact is, there are good ones out there.

Here is my video inspiration, hope you enjoy it!

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