No Welcome Your Problem


I have noticed that the automatic response to thank you has moved away from the time honored 'Your welcome.'

ME: Thank you for your outstanding service tonight!

WAITRESS: No problem.

What just happened here? My recognition of good customer service and accompanying tip has been minimized. NO PROBLEM! This does not leave the customer (me) with a warm and fuzzy. If I was deemed a problem would the level of service I received diminish? A good buying experience has left me feeling flat. Let’s look at it in different context…

ME: Thank you for the most incredible love making ever!

MY WIFE: No problem.

That kind of exchange would make me wonder if she was even in the room. Such is the case with my server. Good customer service takes effort, that effort does not end when the customer says ‘Thank You’. Seal the deal by letting the customer know it was a privilege to serve them and that they are not a ranking on your problem meter.

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