Dogs Better To Hug Than People


I am always skeptical of surveys paid for by organizations that benefit from the results.  Ones like hiring is on the increase, paid for by Manpower or eating red meat increases male virility, paid for by the cattle association, you get the idea.  Just a few days ago one of those kinds of surveys caught my attention because I know the results are true.  A dog biscuit company survey came out with this gem.

..more than two-thirds (68 percent) of those surveyed hug their four-legged friends more often than certain people in their lives.

First of all this is true for me.  Hey, I would rather kiss most dogs than the average human being.  For you nondog owners this sounds gross.  Most dog owners will give me a quiet agreement.  They survey also says, ‘…30 percent of the dog owners surveyed say they hug their dogs more than their relatives and one-quarter (26 percent) say that the hug their dogs more than their best friends!’  How can this be true?  Surely dog owners  must have fleas in their brain causing this crazy talk.

Daisy, the ‘Radiodog’.

Actions speak louder than words.  Everyday, good or bad, I am greeted at the door with tails wagging and tongues licking.  My two dogs pawing at the door, jumping with excitement while anticipating my entrance.  They are always there, in come cases smiling.  Bright eyed, happy just to be hanging out with me.  Contrast that to many interpersonal interactions.  Face it, we humans are a judgemental lot.  How often are we truly ourselves?  We walk through life as if in a straight jacket.  With our dogs we can relax,  as long as you love them, they love you back!

So go hug a dog, you’ll feel good doing it.

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