What Is Confidential These Days

Tell all books are the National Enquirer of Barnes & Noble.  With the Tiger Woods experience about to be the subject of an exposé on March 27th.  It raises questions of what, if anything, is really confidential.  Aside from what is restricted legally, people pretty much blab about everything.  Woods is calling the book, ‘The Big Miss’ written by his former swing coach, unprofessional.  While not sure Tiger’s opinion on this is correct after his very public meltdown and subsequent tribulations,  I am sure people can not keep their mouths shut.

It seems that gossip rules.  The worst thing you can say to anyone is, ‘Can I tell you a secret?’  This virtually guarantees mass circulation of the particulars in said secret.  Add this to the people who simply go out of their way to talk about the people they  encounter and you really have a fine stew.  Often it is the same people in both categories.

That one wore this, she said that,

                 I probably shouldn’t tell you this but…

Unfortunately, I regularly meet those with the blab affliction and have noticed I have begun to present symptoms.  First my gut begins to churn, I feel a tightness.  Then, even though I hear them talking, my mind tunes them out.  It is as if I’ve created a ‘No Value’ folder in my mind and I am preprogrammed to put this mindless chatter in it for auto deletion.  During this process I literally mentally leave the room.  Lastly, I really want to physically leave the room.

In high school I made it a point not to tell anyone anything that was shared with me.  As a result, more things were shared with me.  Now as an adult I don’t bother remembering what is told to me because much of it is useless.  Maybe I should start blogging what I’m told and I will be crossed off the distribution list!

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