World War II In Real Time

It takes a lot to impress me.  A six-year commitment to tweet out the events of World War II as they happened certainly gets my attention.  RealTimeWWII started tweeting the events of 1939 and has kept tweeting what happened in chronological order.

It is as if you were sitting next to a newswire in the 40’s learning of things for the first time.  In fact, such is the detail, you often are learning it for the first time.  What genius! Melding social media and history,  bringing it to us  just like people lived it.

The history doesn’t stop at 140 characters.  Often there are pictures and articles linked to the tweets which add to the depth of the information being presented.  For you non-Twitterers there is also a Facebook option to access the posts.  Without a doubt this is the best thing I have ever seen on social media!

To the producer of the this effort, congratulations for hitting it out of the park.

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