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What’s In Your Relationship?

Businesses spend millions of dollars on advertising to get us involved with them.  By ‘involved’ I mean make money from us.  My baffled quotient just goes off the charts when companies who have succeed in luring us in seem to go out of the way to push us away.  My wife and I have credit cards through a financial institution with which we have been doing business for about 20 years.  My wife receives points everytime she uses her card.  I get zip.

Periodically my frustration rises over this inequity.  We call the card company who tells us no points for you.  A few weeks ago, when like volcano lava, my exasperation level overflowed,  it was Sunday morning and I was sitting at the kitchen table.  Samuel L. Jackson popped into my mind, “What’s in your wallet?’  Nothing I wanted was the reply. I pointed my web browser to Capitol One.

Within five minutes a company who did not know me from Adam told me my card was on the way with cash back. So much for the advantages of a ‘long-term’ relationship’.  When I called to cancel my pointless card, the customer service representative asked why I was closing the account, I told her.  After a few clicks on her keyboard she asked ‘if there was anything else she could do for me today?’ I just ended my relationship with your company!?  Not even an attempt to save my business!

I love you Samuel L. Jackson.

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