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Twitter Not A News Source

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Jesus Christo Was ‘The Source’.

When a ‘reporter’ uses Twitter as a news source, they in fact have no source.  The Huffington Post got nailed when they published a story on the police shooting of a man in Berkeley, Missouri.  The writer relied on a Twitter feed and a Twitter conversation to author a story that said a police officer blatantly shot a man for not cooperating with his commands.  The Huff was called out in the Washington Post.

The fact is any bozo, myself included, can post anything through social media.   Viewed through the prism of increased racial tensions involving police interaction with the minority community, it is amazing that a responsible news organization would publish such an inflammatory story with no fact checking.  Pundits will blame the ‘pressure of the 24 hour news cycle’, which is a load of cow pies.  Heightened tensions often lead people to act quickly on little information.  As a result, people can be hurt or die over fictious news.

Before hitting the publish button people must ask themselves, is this fact or is this something I think I know?  OR, we can rely on Jesus Christo.